Association of some Viral infectionsand asthma: serological evidence


Background: It is well known that mycotic antigens have an important role in atopy and the induction of asthma. Now one of the important subjects is the relation between respiratory bacterial and viral infections in the inflammatory reactions accompanied with bronchial asthma viruses Bacteria or their metabolites act as trigger for asthma or increase it's intensity .
Objectives: To show the relation between asthma and some viral infections serologically.
Methods: Direct ELISA test was employed to detect lgG specific for Respiratory Syncytial virus (Rsv) parainfluenza virus type (p13) and influenza virus in sera of (100) asthmatic patients of two age groups. (10-17) and(18-50) years old. Serum samples from(32) intact control individuals of the same age groups were also investigated.
Results: significant mean values of lgG specific for parainfluenza type-3 and Respiratory Syncytial viruse were found incontrast to normal control individuals. Non significant values of lgG specific for influenza virus were detected in asthmatics in contrast to control normal individuals.
Conclusion: Respiratory Syncytial virus appears to be a prominent cause of concomitant infections in asthmatic children and some adults as well as parainfluenza virus type-3 within age group ( 10-17) years old asthmatics so RSV and p1-3 viruses may be contributers to asthma severity in asthmatic patients.
Keywords: Asthma, Infection and asthma, Virus and asthma.