Effect of different staining materials on color stability of sapphire brackets bonded with different types of light cure orthodontic adhesives (An in vitro study)


Background: The demand for better esthetic during orthodontic treatment has increased nowadays, so orthodontistsstarting using esthetic arch wires, brackets and ligatures.Tooth colored brackets were introduced in different types ofmaterials. Sapphire ceramic brackets are one type of esthetic brackets and their color stability remains the mainconcern for the clinicians and patients at the same time .The present study design to evaluate the effect of three different staining materials (pepsi, black tea and cigarettesmoke) on the stainability of sapphire ceramic brackets bonded with three types of light cure orthodontic adhesiveswhich include: Resilience, Enlight and Transbond.Materials and Methods: The sample consisted of three hundred sixty sapphire brackets. The brackets were dividedaccording to bonding materials into three groups each group consist of one hundred twenty brackets, then eachsubgroup farther subdivided into four groups according to the material they were immersed (distilled water, blacktea, Pepsi and cigarette smoke) with thirty brackets each, then Each group with ten brackets farther subdividedaccording to time interval of immersion in each media into three groups one day, seven days and fourteen days at37°C in the incubator.A UV-Visible spectrophotometer (Shimadzu, UV -1800) was used to perform a light absorptiontest.Results: ANOVA and LSD post Hoc tests were used to identify the significant effects of the staining materials at asignificance level P ≤ 0.05.It was found that the immersion time gradually influenced the color stability of the adhesivematerials with sapphire brackets with the highest activity observed at fourteen days interval. The brackets bondedwith Resilience light cure adhesive are the most type affected by staining materials, then followed by the bracketsbonded with Transbond and finally the brackets bonded with Enlight light cure adhesive. For the staining materials itwas found that the cigarette smoke is the most powerful staining material, followed by tea and finally pepsi.Conclusions: From the above result we can conclude that the type of adhesive must take in consideration when theesthetic brackets have been used