Rubella virus and levels of Interleukin – 4 (IL-4) in Diabetic Patients in Kirkuk Governorate.


The present study aimed to detect the levels of ( IgM and IgG) immunoglobulins and levels of Interleukin – 4 (IL-4) in their sera of women diabetic patients in Kirkuk Governorate. The study included a collection of venous blood samples from 110 women with DM in age ranged from (15-35) years . Out of 110 DM samples positive results by Immunochromatography method detected in 2 samples (1.81%) IgM only24 (21.8%) positive samples for IgG only and 1(0.9%) samples showed positive results for both IgM and IgG for rubella virus respectively .Same samples retested with ELISA for detection of IgG which revealed 22(20%) samples were positive IgG of rubella virus . The sensitivity , specificity, predictive value , accuracy rate, positive concordance rate, negative concordance rate, total concordance rate and total disconcordance rate of Immunochromatography test was 85.1% , 96.3 %, 92%, 92.6%, 28% , 64.6% , 92.68% and 7.3% respectively. Regarding Interleukin – 4 (IL-4) levels current study revealed that there was an elevation in concentration of the cytokine ( IL – 4 ) in rubella virus infected patients serum ( 68.7 ) pg/ml when compared with control group .