Determination of some biochmecal markerd in patients with breast cancer


AbstractBreast cancer is a big problem in Western females in which the most useful serum markers of this diseases in itsearly stage are CA15-3and CEA.CA125play a big role with other physical examination in the detection ofovarian cancer ,but its role with breast cancer has been studded with this research beside the effect of Creactive protein (CRP) as the aim of this study46 consecutive women suffering from breast cancer and aged from35-45 years has been included in this study.CA125 were investigated by minividas. C.R.P. was measured alsousing a fresh sera by C.R.P. latex test C.A125 and C.R.P. levels were measured every three months interval tofollow up the patient before each course of chemotherapy the results showed the mean ± SD for CA125 beforechemotherapy was 65.78 ± 15.68 which was shown significant differences with the first (54.76 ± 12.44) , second(50.15 ± 11.62) and third month (40.02 ± 10.13) of chemotherapy with P<0.000 . C-Reactive protein wasmeasured also for all patients for the same period of time . There is a significant differences in the concentrationof C.R.P. between group 1(96&48 mg/dl) and group 2 (<6,12,24 mg/dl) in the 1 st month p<0.0001 -p<0.0002 inthe 2nd month and p<0.0001 in the 3 rd month The results of these calculations the future it may be useful if weresearch about a relation between these two parameters (CA125 & CRP) in the case of metastasis of breastcancer .