Evaluation and review of intellectual capital in learning organizations (Exploratory search for the opinions of senior leadership at the University of Babylon)


AbstractThe Iraqi educational institutions being educated organizations facing significant challenges as a result of scientific progress enormous witnessed by the world in various fields, especially in the field of technology and the rapid and Offersh of the intense competition between the various organizations and on the face of scientific particular ones because these organizations from the role in the preparation of the necessary cadres for the advancement of the burdens of development and projects economic advancement of the country desired direction.The success of this type of organization does not depend on the material resources available to them and what is owned by the tangible physical capital but on the capacity of intangible intellectual capital capable of innovation and move the material and organizational capabilities. Based on the above can be summarized research problem in the form of the following questions:- Is that his presence in learning organizations imperative.- What is the role and importance of intellectual capital in learning organizations