Synthesis and Characterization of Novel ProDrug Polymers and Their Controlled Release


Many crosslinked polymers have been prepared through many steps, including the esterification of triethanolamine with maleic anhydride toproduce compound (A1) then the carboxylic acid groups of (1) were converted to amide attachments when they reacted with some drug-NH2, The unsaturated maleamides (A2-A5) were polymerized free radically by using dibenzoyl peroxide as an initiator at 90℃. such as Amoxicillin, 4-Amino antipyrine, Cephalexin, and Procaine drug polymers (A6-A9).All prepared monomers and polymers have been characterized by FTIR and 1H-NMR and UV. Spectroscopies. The swelling percentage is higher than 90%. The rate of hydrolysis of a controlled drug release was studied in different pH values at 37℃, at λmax, 270nm and 220nm in basic and acidic medium. TGA and DSC are recorded; It isappeared that the prepared drug polymers have high thermal properties.