The role of adopting of entrepreneurial strategies and their impact on the achievement of sustainable competitive advantage (Exploratory study on Baghdad Company for soft drinks mixed contribution)


AbstractThis research aims to investigate of the impact of entrepreneurial strategies represented by its dimensions (Innovation, Creative, Taking risk, proactive) and its role in achieving sustainable competitive advantage represented by (Core Capability, Quality, Competitive Position, Information Technology, Strategic Flexibility) in a sample of managers in Baghdad company for soft drinks mixed contribution. It was distributed (48) questionnaires on the sample of senior and middle management has respond fully at rate (100%).it was use of appropriate statistical methods (duplicates and arithmetic mean, simple regression, correlation coefficient) to analyze the obtained data. Results of this research revealed the presence of statically significant relationship between entrepreneurial strategies and sustainable competitive advantage Sequentially as the most influential (Innovation, Taking risk, creative, proactive). the most important recommendations of this research were: emphasize on quality in product being the most standard practice among sustainable competitive advantage dimensions. As well as focusing on the diversification of the production in terms of the introduction of unique products are characterized by all competitors, leading to sustained excellence and leadership in the Iraqi market, which makes the company the surveyed companies in the Iraqi memorable introduction.