Synthesis and characterization of some derivatives from thiocarbohydrazide and heterocyclic Compound five - seven member


AbstractThis research includes the preparation and characterization of a number of heterocyclic compounds of thefollowing types:. Penta-heterocyclic rings.. Hexa-heterocyclic rings.. Seven-heterocyclic rings.Where she attended these compounds article Thiocarbohydrazide (1), through conversion ofThiocarbohydrazide to hydrazones (2,3,4) of reaction with compound carbonyl (benzaldehyde, 4-chlorobenzaldehyde, acetophenone) and then reactance hydrazones with sodium azide to prepare compoundstetrazole (5), or with Anthranilic acid (2- amino benzoic acid ) for preparation of compounds quinazole (6), orreaction with anhydrous acid (maleic anhydride, phthalic anhydride) for the purpose of preparing Oxazepine (7)(8).Characterization of the synthesized compounds were established by infrared spectra, and NMR spectra1H{13C}N.M.R & 13C{1H}N.M.R