Study of Aeration TimeEffect on COD and Ammonia removal by Sequencing Batch Reactor


Four operational cyclic modes for a Sequencing Batch Reactor containing activated sludge was investigated in order to treat a part of domestic wastewater from the student's hostels at B campus in Chongqing University in China, comparison was made for these cyclic modes (first, second, third and fourth)in order to remove (COD, Ammonia), each cyclic mode operated in a different conditions as aeration time, cyclic time and concentrations in order to choose best cyclic mode gives a good removal efficiency and in the same time explain effect aeration time on removal COD and Ammonia by using sequencing batch reactor under normal temperature. The results showed that the CODremoval efficiency that has been achieved by SBR system were 90.14%, 87.86%,83.1%and 81.3% under first, second, third and fourthcyclic modes respectively, while Ammonia removal efficiency were 84.56%,74.82 %,52.74% and 32.53% under first, second, third and fourthcyclic modes respectively