This work deals with a study of the effect of natural fibers -epoxy composite on damping .Palm fiber was used in this investigation. Four blocks of dimensions (10X20)cm were prepared using epoxy-resin and palm fiber by volume fractions ratio of (0%,4%,8%,16%). After preparation of the composite material some of mechanical properties of prepared samples were studied. The specimens were cut from the blocks and tested in the scleroscope system by using a 50g steel ball on specimens released from a height of 70 cm. The vibration signal was obtained by the accelerometer and fed to the oscilloscope .The oscilloscope output signal was analyzed using logarithmic decrement method, to obtain the damping ratio. The effect of three testing temperatures (-30,25,65)Co was checked. It was observed that the damping ratio decreases by 24.4% with increasing volume fraction of reinforcement materials at temperature 25Co. While at temperature 65Co this ratio reached 53% and at temperature (-30)Co the ratio reached 31.25%. The results showed that using a filler of natural fiber will decrease the damping ratio as compared with 0% volume fraction specimen. While the effect of testing temperature (-30,25,65)Co on the damping ratio with deferent volume fractions showed an increase in percentage of damping ratio as temperature increased and volume fraction increased. These result were compared to the another composite material used glass fiber and carbon fiber for the same author which found that the percentage of ζ for palm fiber increased up to 40%when used glass fiber and 46% in the case of use carbon fiber.