Computers have been used for numerous applications involving the automatic or semiautomatic recognition of patterns in image. Advanced manufacturing system requires automated inspection and test method to increase production and yield best quality of product. Methods are available today is machine vision. Machine vision systems are widely used today in the manufacturing industry for inspection and sorting application. The objective of this paper is to apply machine vision technology for measuring geometric dimension of an automotive part. Vision system usually requires reprogramming or parameterization of software when it has to be configured for a part or product. A web camera used to capture an image of an automotive part that has been chosen. In the machine vision, Matlab software is used to develop an algorithm to measure a geometric dimension of the part. The measurement system has been calibrated using gauge block. This work considers the factor influencing parameters on accuracy and precision of calibration as the pixels were used to perform the unit of measurement. This measurement has been performed by the conversion through the equation of the image processing. Formulation of the calibration is important from unit in pixel to mm taking into account the perfective effect of the camera view. Finally the measurement system has been tested for accuracy and precision.