Teaching Problems facing the first three class teachers in the city of Buraimi


The present study aimed to identify teaching problems which facing the teachers for first three grades classes, and if these problems different according to some variables teacher qualification, experience period, class grade). The study sample consist of (137 ) female teachers who teach the first three grades in Braimy city in Oman, teachers spread in five government schools. Both researchers developed questionnaire to measure problems faced by the mentioned teachers, consist of 50 questions distributed into 4 dimensions (teacher, students, the curriculum, the evaluations), Also researchers checked questionnaire validity and stability. The results indicate to: The most common problem faced teachers is the evaluation, whereas the issues are related to student were in the last rank, The study showed statistically significant differences according to qualification levels of teachers, the benefit for the holders of BA degree level, there is no statistically significant according to experience years, and there is statistically significant according to 5 years experience. And there are no differences according to class grades taught by teacher.