(The trade-off between privatization Options General contracting firms Using the strategic analysis of the external environment)


Discussed the research variables are important, privatization options and strategic analysis of the external environment, and that the purpose of the research is the trade-off between privatization options and choose the most appropriate alternative in proportion to the external environment, the research aims to determine the privatization the most appropriate option for companies and public contracting, showing the importance of the study provide the privatization of public companies as a strategy can all its way public sector organizations from the transfer of work practices or private sector organizations and mechanisms to it as contributing to improving the level of skills Develop the current and future level of performance, the study involved comparing three views internalized experts, investors and managers sample (87) individuals and ensures head of research , including three sub-hypotheses were subject to statistical hypothesis tests. And it used statistical methods such as arithmetic mean weighted one sample and the use of analysis of variance table (ANOVA Test) and the most important results the management contracts is best suited choice between privatization options turned out that the sample went from various specializations and macro-level environmental factors It was used method of management contracts in order to solve the problem of administrative shortcoming introduction of modern management techniques, as well as responsible for the administration does not bear any financial responsibility for the company's operations which both the company's profits or no ,most important recommendations by Go toward privatization optimal choice and decision-makers in the Iraqi state taking done to rescue What can be saved from public companies.