Relationship Causality between Curriculum Planning and Development search Analytic Experience Malaysian


The relationship between planning and development, gaining shape and nature through the role of planning in subjecting the process of change and transformation economic conditions to put another more advanced by adoption of curriculum planning to determine lines landmarks the conduct of the scheduled time to the process of change and transformation according to the government's vision and philosophy toward the transition from an economic and social situation retarded to the economic and social situation else. It allows making the growth process continues, It can show the relationship by studying the experiences entire peoples for various historical stages the evolution of the different levels of planning and not selected for the Malaysian experience in development it is an attempt to prove the importance of planning were any level and any regulations were under which, as far as what an attempt to identify and prove relationship between planning and development that rise to the ranks of a causal relationship, and not a relationship interactive and contextual some interested and economic thinkers also believed. I realized where successive Malaysian governments as it seeks to promote independence and to promote national unity and development and enter into modernity, the need to pursue a planning identify trends and itineraries community desired according to a development approach time scheduler set trends the goals of progress long and medium – term within potential physical, financial and human resources available updated developmental shifts on the economic and social levels. Economic the transformation of economic structure the first economy to the industrial economy diversified and advanced technology, It enabled it to diversify its exports, thereby achieving the diversity of the sources of national income and a global economy able to compete. Beside redistribution of wealth and income among the multiracial and multi-ethnic society using sustainable economic growth without resorting to confiscate the wealth of coercive methods, and the reduction of poverty rates between members of society through provide opportunities for productive and seek to acquire skills by moving in education from indoctrination to technical education processions requirements the product of the labor market , social.