Trade relations between Iraq and selected Arab countries for the period 2003 -2013


Ping message focused on highlighting the fact commodity trading in Iraq, and increased exposure to world merchandise trade imbalance, which dominate Iraq's foreign trade major commodity is oil, and therefore the inability of Iraq to control financial revenue as a result of the fluctuations in the international market, the shortage of commodity products will lead inevitably to the weakness in the ability of the local market to meet the internal demand and due to the lack of flexible production machine For agricultural, industrial and economic sectors are responding to changes in the domestic or external demand which will open the door to merchandise imports to invade these markets, since the adoption of the Iraq oil exports, will expose the economy to heavy pressure, especially on the balance of payments, due to the great needs to fill the request of productive sectors for development, so that the export sector in Iraq suffer from many internal constraints of underdevelopment of the productive sectors that are unable to meet the demand of domestic and external demand As a result of structural imbalance and qualitative degredation due to the weakness of Iraq's economic diversity, with an average relative importance of commodity exports (3%) of GDP, length of study