(Sustainable Agricultural Development in Iraq ... Solutions and Treatments Obstacles)


The achievement of agricultural development provide food security and to form a basis for economic growth and comprehensive social, requires a number of actions to overcome the obstacles and problems facing the development of this economic sector, to make it able to achieve food security and operation of the workforce, and reduce dependence on the outside in the provision of food peripherals, and so it is only available through the highest degree of efficiency and economic mobilization of resources, so most of the developed and developing countries alike seek to achieve sustainable agricultural development tobacco meet the food requirements and good jobs for current and future generations, and that keeps the productive capacity and the renewal of the natural resource base, but in the Iraqi economy, the achievement that it is facing many difficulties due to a range of obstacles interlocking and overlapping of infrastructure destruction after 2003 and the problems of land from salinity and desertification, as well as water problems, environmental pollution and low investment in the agricultural sector, and the state stop from providing the necessary support to the agricultural sector, as well as the surge in agricultural production inputs prices, and reduced use of agricultural technology, as well as trade policy problems and the resulting flooding Iraqi markets with imported agricultural goods, as well as the weakness of the financial, technical and technological potential of the private agricultural sector, all these constraints have had a negative impact at the agricultural sector, so the importance of this research to try to find effective solutions to address the problems facing this vital sector through the provision of full support by the state represented by the Ministry of Agriculture, which includes support production requirements of improved seeds, fertilizers, mechanization and water pumps as well as support the final product prices of what those procedures from a large and influential role in achieving food security for a large segment of the Iraqi population.