Comparison some estimation methods for double exponential distribution (Laplace distribution) using simulation.


This research is aims to studding properties and estimators the reliability for double exponential distribution (Laplace distribution) for stress and strength and deriving the formats for the estimation methods and compare of them by using simulation by comparative statistical criterion (mean square error) (MSE) on the assumption that the two stress – strength random variable both are independent variables and have double exponential distribution in two different parameters so that i = 1,2 , It was taking into consideration that there are two cases when found reliability for the two location parameters that is then we found estimators for these parameters and the reliability R using the following estimators methods: Maximum likelihood method, Moment method and Shrinkage method, For achieving the most efficient method for estimating reliability R the simulation is used by Monte Carlo method, it is found by simulation experiments analysis that the Shrinkage method is the best than the others.