Malondialdehyde in preeclampsia


Background: Preeclampsia is multiorgan disorder, and important cause of maternal, fetal, neonatal morbidity and mortality ,It is characterized by hypertension and proteinuria. Lipid peroxidation is an important factor in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia. Objective: To study the relation of lipid paroxidation which is measured by plasma Malondialdehyde (MDA) to preeclampsia. Design: Case –control study. Setting: The study was carried out at the Al-Imamain Al-Kadhemain Medical City/ Department of obstetrics and gynecology. Methods: The study included 70 women. We studied 30 patient preeclamptic women 30 apparently healthy women, 10 apparently healthy non pregnant ladies. Their age range between 18-30 year ,gestational age is between 24-40week /primigravida/non smoker or have evidence of nutritional deficiencies. Lipid peroxidation assessed by (Fong etal)method ,and it is end products,particularly Malondialdehyde . Results: We observed that serum malondialdehyde were significantly increased in preeclamptic women (P<0.000) as compared to that of normotensive pregnant women. Conclusion: Increased levels of lipid peroxidation product –MDA may contribute to pathophysiology of preeclampsia.