Manifestation independence of the independent bodies


AbstractBodies considered independent Hiatt relatively recent deliberately created for states to carry out the functions of a sensitive nature and mission Taatnahy about the ability of traditional management, or that the legislator Dabbagh out of custody to these devices. To this end, given this Bodies independence necessary for the exercise of its activity, but notes that the concept of independence, such as one of the titles that were raised in question debates, despite being a common element lays Bodies independent, as it seems the word independence in all addresses Bodies Independent States which have adopted, As shown in all the definitions that have been said in question, due to the fact that this independence in nature, especially, as it represents a concept unfamiliar in institutional building traditional as we'll show, so it was necessary to study take note of its features and dimensions. besides highlighting how to handle the legal systems contemporary and including Iraqi legislator with the provisions of these guarantees.Secondly, the research problem: The independence of the independent Bodies among the most important topics clouded by uncertainty in the field of study Bodies independent, so the study was to provide a thorough answer to many of the questions that degrade of this problem.