The Role Granda Women in the Cultural Life 635-897AH/1232-1492 AD


The literary contribution of woman , especially female poetry , during Beni Al Al- Ahmer age was highly limited .Most modern researchers agree with this point of view . Lisanudeen Ibnul Khateeb , in his ( Ihata ) book , only mentioned very few female poetesses , despite the fact that he witnessed that age . The same applies to Al Maqqari in his book ( Nafhul Teeb ) . There is another paradox about two poetesses that the research dealt with, namely (Hafsa Bint Al Haj Al Rikooni and Nezhoon Bintul Qillae ) were not contemporary to Beni Al Ahmer Kingdom(636-897 Hijri) , as Hafsa had died about fifty years before establishing that kingdom i.e in the year 581 Hijri. The same thing applies to Nezhoon , whom Ibn Saeed noticed that she lived during the Hijri century . So both poetesses were not contemporary to Granada kingdom. But because of their literary significance and because they were from Granada , they were included in this research. Without both women , the literary , and particularly poetic scene, will be pale and insignificant . Both women gave us a distinct picture of the society during that age . Both were glorious poetesses characterized with a vast literary knowledge. Besides , both were active inside the cultural atmosphere they lived in .