Humanitarian aid Study on Light of international humanitarian Law


AbstractThe terms used have varied in international humanitarian Law on the meaning of humanitarian assistance as there are many terms that are approaching or are similar to them , and in spite of that there is no agreed upon to humanitarian assistance , but that any definition must include elements to ensure respect for fundamental human rights in line with the definition of the conditions necessary to keep the human right to life , health and enjoyment of security . In order to provide humanitarian assistance to people in need there must be certain conditions are represented in an international armed conflict or internal and the presence of the suffering of the civilian population from alack of humanitarian needs and the inability of the state concerned to provide those needs in addition to the con sent of the state concerned to provide such assistance , and finally it is necessary that are associated with humanitarian aid to the principles of humanitarian action which requires that provide such assistance to the needy on the basis of need without discrimination because of color ethnicity or other .