Effect of Auxins and Organic Fertilization in The and Yield Component in Two Caraway Cultivars Carum carvi L.


The experiment was concreted through the agriculture season in the winter 2012-2013 at agronomy Department field / University of Tikrit , to study the auxin IAA effect three concentrations (0,25,50) mg.Liter-1 and organic fertilization with three levels (0,3,6) tons.d-1 and the inter action between them in yield characters, substance in the two varieties of caraway (Carumcarvi L.) the treatments arranged with split split blocks in factorial experiment in (SSPD) with three replication. The results showed auxin effect had significant effect in all studied characters compared with control (without adding A0) .the treatment (A1) had superior values inflorescences number, weight 1000 seeds, days number from culturing till 75 % flowering , till the full maturity (97.68 inf.plant-1, 6.304 g ,155.1day , 197.278 day , , 337.05 kg.d-1) respectively While fertilization quantity had increase signify catty in most of the studied characters compared with controls the treatment G3 had higher value inflorescence number, 1000 seed weight, in days number from culturing till 75% flowering, till perfect maturating, seed yield total (96.82 inflo.plant-1, 6.712 g , 154.7day , 195.389 day, 345.97 kg.d-1) respectively. The variety effect the Egyptian variety (V1) had superiority compared with Iraqi variety (V2), in most studied characters, and gave highest values inflorescences numbers,1000 weight seed, the days numbers from culturing till 75% flowering, till full maturity, seed yield total (95.85 inflo.pla-1, 6.308 g , 155.8 day , 198.000 day , 339.68 kg.d -1) respectively. The interaction had superiority signification differences in all studied characters, the treatment (G3V1A3) gave highest values ( inflorescences number, 1000 seed weight, days numbers from culturing till 75% flowering, days numbers from culturing till full maturity, seeds yield total (103.23 inflo.plant-1, 7.087 g ,152.3 day, 192.333 day , 354.23 kg.d-1).