Assessment of Body Conformation For Carcasses of Broiler Exposure With Lactobacilli Bacteria 2-Body Measurement


This experiment was conducted in order to assessment of body measurement for carcasses of broiler exposure to Lactobacilli bacteria at the age of 1 , 21 days . A total of 90 broiler chicks of ross strain one day old were used and distributed to three treatments , 30 chicks for each treatment , the chicks of each treatment were divided in to two replicates(15chicks for each replicate).The treatments were as follows : (T1)group of chicks treated with Lactobacillus bacteria at 1day (T2)group of chicks treated with Lactobacillus bacteria at 21 day (T3)control group . The chicks were treated with bacteria by oral , the decided doze was counted on the basis of saving no less than 106 colony forming units(CFU) of Lactobacilli bacteria for each chick . Results revealed the following :- The microbial exposure results to lactobacilli bacteria (T1,T2) indicated a significant (P<0.05) improvement in the circumambient of breast , flier repletion of body , long of sternum , body depth at medium and end of sternum and meat weight of main cuts , also improve in body length , circumambient of thigh , flier repletion of breast , long of bones , body depth beginning of sternum and meat yield for main cuts of broiler carcass compared with control group (T3) . No significant effect of microbial exposure observed in relative weight of meat , bon and percentage meat : bon for main cuts of broiler carcass reard to old 32 days compared with control treatment (T3) .