The Effect of Replacing The Different Levels of Distilled Corn With Solubles DDGS Meal Instead of SBM Meal in Productive Performance and Some Blood Characteristics in Awassi Lambs


The study was conducted in the animal field for the College of Agriculture Tikrit University for the period from 01/03/2014 until 06/03/2014 .Used in the experiment ranged from 16 Awassi lambs age them between 3-4 months and the rate of initial weight was 23.85 kg, distributed in the diets of transmitting a distilled corn with Soluble (DDGS) alternative for SBM in feed center rates 0,.4,.6 and 10% in to four treatments for the first treatments (control) and the second third and fourth respectively, with fed lambs rate of 3.3% by life weight by concentrate and straw wheat free for consumption. We have no significant effect does not appear to replace DDGS instead of soybeans, according to percentages in the productive performance of initial and final weight and average daily gain ,total gain ,and feed intake and feed conversion ratio and this represent there is possible to replacing (SBM) by (DDGS) . As there was no significant effect of factors studied in blood characteristics (hemoglobin and packed cells volume and red blood cells), while the control treatment significantly in the number of white blood cells.