Flood Environment Euphrates Reaver Their Influence on the


AbstractThis study deals with the flood environment Euphrates Reaver their Influence on the ional Expansion of Al Simawa cityConstrucThe city is located within the region of the alluvial plain on both banks of the Euphrates river. It is mainly influenced by the natural activities of the riverbed. It is also influenced by the watering activities that have caused various appearances for the surface of the ground, and distributions of different types of soil and dreg on the banks of the river within the area of the city itself. This variety of the natural phenomena has an impact on the constructional expansion of the city.These phenomena include four main groups, which are as follows:1.the nature of the slope of the surroundings of the city.2.the relative difference in the heights between the two sides of the river.3.types and characteristics of the natural river phenomena that include the following:•Banks of River •A wide and relatively low alluvial plain•Middling depressions (marches)•Banks of the sub-streams 4.Watering network and characteristics of the soil