Estimation of Lifting Capacity for Selected Wells in Rumaila Field


This paper deals with studying the effect of hole inclination angle on computing slip velocity and consequently its effect on lifting capacity. The study concentrates on selected vertical wells in Rumaila field, Southern Iraq. Different methods were used to calculate lifting capacity. Lifting capacity is the most important factor for successful drilling and which reflex on preventing hole problems and reduces drilling costs. Many factors affect computing lifting capacity, so hence the effect of hole inclination angle on lifting capacity will be shown in this study. A statistical approach was used to study the lifting capacity values which deal with the effect of hole inclination angle and those values that do not put the effect of hole inclination angle under consideration. Results illustrated that low hole inclination angles had a slight effect on lifting capacity values , but this study could be used on high inclination angles like directional wells or horizontal wells , hence high hole inclinations angle will yields high effect on lifting capacity values.