Ethics for the Rewaqi


AbstractThis topic Treats ethics according to the Stoics. The definition of philosophy given by the Stoics indicates that ethics occupy the first position.For example, they said that philosophy is the practice of virtue; They also believe that a man should seek reason in himself as it is the most perfect way to achieve the highest aims; he must embodies reason by actions, i.e. to live according to nature and reason.Nature has bestowed us the disposition which enables us to distinguish between what complies and what contrasts with it. Therefore, we seek what is useful and avoid what is harmful to us.Non understanding nature and not realizing its laws lead to the disorder of man till he finds himself contradicting with his personal will and away from achieving his aim and consequently becomes subject to his caprices which contradict with nature.Thus, the judgment of human reason and its control on his desires represent the climax of correspondence between man and nature.Moreover, the goodness of man is reflected in virtue and in the freedom of mind rather than in pursuing pleasures. Virtue does not have outside relations to move towards, it ends at itself.Virtue is corresponds with nature and its value is not measured by a goal it may accomplish but it represents the goal per se. Stoics Think that people should not divide into different peoples and tribes with various laws and maxims for each because they are all brothers.They never include masters and slaves. They are all citizens similar in their essence. They are also in one nature which is their mother and law. Therefore, the homeland of a wise man is the whole world.