The Role of E-Learning In A Knowledge Society


The current era saw a technical progress in several areas, one of the highlights of this era is the information revolution which brought about a significant coup nature of receiving information at both the lesson and the lecture or on the level of general culture and knowledge circulation, this increases the individual education or self-concept provided by e-learning and supports, so follow the learner learn by his energy and his abilities and quickly learn and according to his previous experience and skills however, despite these advantages for e-learning He still lives in its beginnings and face many obstacles and challenges, especially at the level of the availability of infrastructure. The success of e-learning depends on the development and selection of appropriate e-learning that meets the requirements of the education as a continuous updating to keep abreast of developments and take into account the controls and selected education system standards to ensure level and develop learner achieve educational goals, and e-learning form of education and distance education has historical origins Muslims work through Koranic schools and Koranic schools while the student is not associated with other students.