The Role Of The Media In The Fight Against Corruption Iraq as a Model


still the phenomenon of corruption is a threat to citizens in all parts of the globe and growing pressure in his living and limit his freedom and became one of the most serious risks that threaten life everywhere, as far as the corruption of the factors and causes of the spread remains the media 's role to eliminate it because of its active role in raising awareness and disclosure of his hideouts and mroger and reduce zhardh through matnqlh media diverse and specialized audience of news and events variety, which is one of the main functions to him, hence the relationship between the media and society, if the media have a directive in its destruction and the warning in a broad sense so described methods of the most dangerous methods are not very effective and with a broad impact, according to media definition as an attempt to influence the minds of the masses and their souls and to control their behavior , so the address is ( the media the role of our research in the fight against the phenomenon of corruption in iraq model) are searching three sections included the first part , the research methodology of the problem and the importance of the objectives and methodology and terminology as well as research tools and assumptions. the second section on corruption its causes the forms, methods and ways of its spread and the third section to ensure the media 's role in reducing these phenomenon outlined goals and means media yeh to limit this phenomenon in addition the findings and recommendations and sources for research.


Humanities, Media, Iraq