Superintendenceof Bit Dullness Using a New Technique for Nasriya Oil Wells


The present researchconcentrates on the surveillance of the bit tooth wear using a new formula that merged the classic formula of specific energy produced by Rabia with the equation of three-abrasive wear found by Rabinowicztaking into account the effect of lithology of the rock formation as well as the materials that the drill bits are made from.Drilling parameters also have significant influence on the predicted wear and therefore, they have to be involved in the prediction of the drill bit tooth dullness.The new attempt is applied on threedeep oil wells in Nasriya field southern Iraq.Three body abrasion phenomena took place while the bit is drilling the rock formations, therefore, it should be used as a concept for the wear prediction. The ratio of hardness of the rock over that of the bit has a great effect on the determination of the bit tooth wear. In this work, a new formula of specific energy is compared with the specific energy produced by Rabia along with the depth in the presence of the actual bit tooth wear taken from the bit records ofthreedeep wells inNasriya field. This research is done to find a reliable formula for the prediction of bit tooth dullness, especially that relevant researcheson Nasriyawells areunavailable in the literature