Experimantal Investigation of Natural Convective Heat Transferthrough Porous Media


The unsteady natural convective heat transfer parameters through porous media sample were investigated experimentally. The sample consists of solid and fluid phases arranged as a matrix balls insulated from sides, and subjected to heat flux at the bottom surface as a boundary condition. The unsteady effects of associated heat transfer parameters ( , , and ) were calculated from the spatial and temporal distribution of temperature profile at different locations of sample measured by using temperature recorder device with SD memory card data logger with sensor type K thermocouple. It was found that these parameters were dependent upon the heating time, and the dimensions of solid and fluid layers of sample. In addition the pressure difference of air inside a void space has been measured by using the pressure reading device. Then, the fluid velocity and Reynolds numberthrough heating process can be calculated. It was found thatthe values of air velocity are less than 0.08 m/s. The Reynolds number was experimentally less than 10.