Bending Characteristics of Carburized Low Carbon Steel Experimental and Numerically Study


This research includes experimental and numerical studies by using finite element method to study the effect of carburized low carbon steel for different beams width on the hardiness and bending properties.The back of carburization consists from hardwood charcoal mixed with barium carbonate as the Activator. The specimens were carburized using (30%) of Activator at temperature equal to (900ºC) for five hours.The modulus of elasticity obtained from experimental work used in FEM (ANSYS) to calculate flexural strength, maximum strain and maximum shear stress and these results increase with carburized low carbon steel. The results of the study showed that the Vickers micro hardness increased, the maximum flexural strength (1750 MPa) and maximum shear stress was (121.5 MPa) at width (16 mm) for the experimental results carburized low carbon steel. The experimental, finite element and analytical results obtained for the bending analysis are approximately agreement.