The Economic effects of oil policy in Saudi Arabia


The political importance of oil stems from its role in shaping the economic policy in Saudi Arabia, as oil revenue is the main source that finance budget of the country and various economic sectors. Its impact, however, embodies in the Increase of level of GDP and per capita GDP in order to reach the basic goals of economic and social development. Moreover, this policy is a tool for achieving the economic goals. Saudi Arabia occupies ranked as a first producer of crude oil from among oil-producing countries. The hypothesis of study assumes that make a change in Saudi oil policy for economic diversification ought to be depended on successful oil policy that affect other economic sectors and reduce its dependence on oil revenues for financing its public budget. In spite of the high per capita income of Saudi Arabia, but it is still dependent on oil revenues to finance the public budget. Accordingly, Saudi Arabia is seeking to diversify its sources of income by raising non-oil revenues to reduce dependence on oil export.