Argumentative relation between doctrine and ethics in the Islamic society


AL-Syed Mohammed Baqer AL-Hakeem regards of the most important point in the modern Islamic thought. Also his thought and doctrine effect spread widely through his variety thought production. For these reasons and other he has important reputation in Iraqi reality.This research is about the Islamic values in the Islamic cultural and political reality.He portrayed the Islam as connection web. He looks to the relationship of the human with himself, his brother and society. AL-Syed Mohammed Baqer AL-Hakeem lived in the golden period in Iraqi history and Islamic world. In that time there are many immortal personality like AL-Imam AL-Khamenei and AL-Syed Mohammed Baqer AL-Sadder. There was Islamic revolution School. ALL these things lead to appear the Islamic revolution.The title of chapter one is moral speech and its changeable.First research: moral is language and convention.First demand: moral in the language and convention.Second research: moral speech and its changeable. First research: Greece moral. Second research: Islamic moral Third research: modern philosophy theory for moral values in the East.Chapter twoLife of AL-Syed Mohammed Baqer AL-Hakeem and political Struggle.First research: Life of Mohammed Baqer AL-Hakeem.Second demand: His biography and his books.Third demand: Scientific cover and his books.Second research: struggle speech of AL-Syed Mohammed Baqer AL-Hakeem.First demand: struggle speech of AL-Syed Mohammed Baqer AL-Hakeem.Second demand: political aspect in the age of AL-Syed Mohammed Baqer AL-Hakeem.Third demand: Social aspect.Chapter threeThe moral in the thought of AL-Syed Mohammed Baqer AL-Hakeem.First research: reformation speech for AL-Syed Mohammed Baqer AL-Hakeem.First demand: society reformation through human reformation.Second demand: The human is the successor of Allah in the earth. Second research: The argument of the relationship between the doctrine and moral in the Islamic society. First demand: Doctrine.Second demand: The moral.Third research: Role of the good unanimity in the history movement.First demand: good unanimity and its moral behavior.Second demand: good unanimity and history movement.