Effect of the addition of sulfur ,calcium and citric acid to improve salt tolerance, leaf area and mineral contents in leaves of date palm (Pheonix dactylifera L.) cv. Sayer


A study was conducted during the growing season of 2013- 2014 at Al-hartha distric , Bastah province at commercial orchard that, effected by salinity to evaluate the effect of the addition of sulfur ,calcium and citric acid to improve salt tolerant and leaf area and content of elements in leaves of date palm cv. Sayer . sulfur were used at two levels(100 and 200 gm tree) and two levels of calcium as calcium nitrate (50 and 100 gmree) and two levels of citric acid (50 and 100gmree) . the addition of those materials were done at two different time , the first addition was at the middle of October and the second one at the biggining of March . Experement of design was randomized complete block design with three replicates . Results showed Significant reduction in leaf contents of sodium and chloride under sulfur treatment (100 and 200 gmree) and citric acid (50 and 100 gmree) , wheras , calcium addition (100 gmree) reduced sodium only . Potassium , calcium and potassium to sodium ratio were significantly increased by the addition of sulfur at 200 gmree .the addition of citric acid (50gmree) increased leave content of potassium , wher as ,citric acid at 100gmree increased potassium to sodium ratio in leaves . Results also showed that the addition of sulfur (200gmree) and citric acid (100gmree) and calcium at (100gmree ) caused an increase in leaf area to 1.81m2 ,1.77m2and 1.77m2 respectively compaired with control treatment .