Effect of tow kinds of NPK +TE Fertilizers on leave Chemicel omposition of banana (Mosa sp. ) cv. Indian produced by in vitro culture


A study was conducted at the technical laboratory for tissue culture of the private sector in Al- Fayhaa /Basra ,and plant tissue culture laboratory at collage of Agriculture University of Basra . banana plants used cv. Indian that produced in vitro culture were fertilized by NPK fertilizer (20-20-20 +TE) and ((10-20-30 +TE) at a rates 0 , 0.5 , 1.0 , 1.5, and 2.0 gm ber plants . Fertilizers were added after two and four months of hardening . Results showed that NPK 20-20-20 at 2.0gm.plant -1 superier in Carbohydretes , Hidrogen and Phophorus content , Except potassium where he scored the second fertilizer NPK 10-20-30 level (2.0) g. Plant -1 highest rate of this status .Chemical content under treatments after four months was superior in carbohydrate content (47.44) mg .gm-1, , nitrogen (31.38) mg .gm-1, phosphorus (1.712) mg .gm-1 and potassium (28.08) mg .gm-1. The Interaction between fertilizer type and the rate 2.0 gm.plant -1 of NPK 20-20-20 +TE of addition after two month has a significant effect on most of chemical constituents under study .