Center of Urban and Regional Planning for postgraduate Studies - University of Baghdad


Project deal with the study of the suitability of the planning standards of the select sites for sports facilities for the holy city of Karbala and the extent of convergence and divergence between these standards and points of strength and weakness in each of these standards.It was found that there was a lack of the role given to the sports as a kind of luxury does not deserve to spend money and efforts, and was then incorporated with a lot of entertainment services by planners.It turns out that there is a large inability to the provision of these facilities for this city, although there will now be directed to begin Strategic and important projects, mission and strategy, such as stadiums, youth forums and Olympic pools, which will hopefully be completed during the next two years, God willing, by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which can be solved a large part of the problem.The study found the need to reconsider the current planning standards of the reality of the sports and youth facilities by forming a joint committee of the relevant authorities for the preparation of appropriate and balanced standards to make border between inability to provide the service, and between service no need for them in an inappropriate place, and the cost prohibitive to fit with those standards.