The Effect of Strategic Intelligence in High performance organization A Survey Study for the Managers of Diseases and Kidney Transplant Center/ Medicine City-Baghdad


The topic of strategic intelligence is considered as important topics that acquires the attention of organizations, Because of its role in supplying the decision-making centers by strategic ideas according to the opportunities and threats facing the organization, in an effort to improve the performance of their organizations to reach the high performance organization.A lot of organizations lack to strategy guides the strategic intelligence towards achieving high performance organization.This research aims to determine the level of strategic intelligence that characterized the leaders of diseases and kidney transplant center in Medicine city. What is the application level of the center to the high performance, it also aims to study the relationship and effect between the strategic intelligence and high performance organization.To achieve the aim of the research, the descriptive analysis method was adopted. The research community represented by diseases and kidney transplant center in medicine city, Baghdad. A questionnaire was distributed to a sample of (40) managers working in the center, represent the manager of the center and the heads of departments, divisions and units. Statistical program SPSS was used to test the hypotheses.The research findings reached to a set of conclusions , the most important is ,the attention of the center leaders to the forecasting ,and their quest to predict potential trends occurring in the external environment ,to develop strategies of the center. And the leaders of the center need more attention to the system thinking, to see the center in the form of a coherent system.The results show that, there is a significant relationship between the strategic intelligence and the high performance organization, and there is a significant effect of the future vision on high performance organization.The main recommendations are, the need to pay attention by the center to the workers and to motivate them by using a variety of incentives system, as well as to province the center on the trust relationship with all its workers in all levels. And valuing their loyalty in order to create management quality aims to achieve a high performance organization features