University of Technology Student's Motivation towards Learning English Language


Abstract Motivation is an important factor that has an effect on the achievement of the students. For this reason both the type and combination of motivation is important to identify that helps in the successful learning. This paper tried to look into two categories of motivation that students may possess towards the process of learning the English language, namely, one is of integrative nature and the other is of instrumental nature. To narrow and be more accurate in the study, Computer Science students at University of Technology have been chosen to represent the sample. A questionnaire regarding motivation and including 20 items was selected to test the sample. The aforementioned questionnaire was taken from Test named Gardner’s (1985,p 65) Motivation Battery. The test was distributed to the study sample that includes 65 students of Computer Science. The outcomes indicate that the students of the sample possess the two previous categories of motivation of high levels strongly headed for learning English language. However, by making simple comparison, it was found that student’s motivation of instrumental nature is higher than that of integrative nature.