Theoretical and methodological approaches in the study of political violence


Abstract:The phenomenon of violence in general vary in different societies and civilizations and variation linked to a permanent condition of society and the values prevailing in it and become a matter of public behavioral spread in all societies, a complex phenomenon that has political, economic, social, cultural and psychological aspects. The political violence as a form of violence is a global phenomenon known to all societies to varying degrees multiple reasons, The difference between the communities in the causes of truth to political violence, and effective methods to deal with it, and therefore it is not a trait closely a particular community or a particular people without the other, as it is a complex phenomenon, and forms multiple and overlapping methods. It is not a negative or pathological phenomenon always, but sometimes have a historical necessity major revolutionary transformations in the nations and societies history were not to occur in the absence of a degree of violence and the practice of informal violence could push the political system to the development of effective policies to address the problems that spawn political violence and lead to escalation, or it may be the only means available to get rid of the political and social situation is unfair and outdated, or for the purpose of political and social change in the case of absence or weakness of political channels to change.