Political Violence Electronic Sites and Its Effect on the Perception of the Iraqi University Students and Its Relation Ship to thir attitudes tward censors ship


Abstract:Studies have demonstrated the importance of the study of university youth trends to this category of importance in building communities and stabilizing the situation in the communities as they represent the largest sector of internet users in the communities that medium, which studies have shown to be the most freedom of expression and access to information without restriction . Hence the need to study the perception of university students to the effect of the content of political violence electronic sites on their personal behavior and others on the stability of Iraqi society and political and economic and social relationship with their attitudes university students to cencor those websites Hence define the research problem in the study of perceptions of university students to effect of the content of political violence to web sites on their personal behavior and the behavior of their peers and the behavior of others in general as well as the stability of the Iraqi society and its relationship to their attitudes toward censoring these websites through a field study on a sample of Iraqi university students.