The Iraqi woman's poem between imitation and renewal


Abstract The Iraqi woman poem between imitation and renewal, the Iraqi history of poetry in the 20th century falls between two main movements, the classical poetry movement and the free style poetry movement, as the poet in the 60s had discovered the narrowness of the classical forms of the poet in the 50s and the repetition of its rhymes , so he started the search for new moulds that can contain the implicit of the new poetry and would give more freedom for the poet as he expresses the changes, demands and concerns of the contemporary era , and the development occur to the society that the poet would portrait. In this research we will observe the attention of the Iraqi female paid to the classical poetry ( the vertical ) and the strict rules that make it adhere to single rhyme, opposing any attempt to leave the imitation. Keeping the heritage that acquired immortality as it includes influencing contents and classical rules, as she stick to the purposes that suits their inner and their poetical talent, while other Iraqi female poets revolted against the classical moulds so we find a new architectural forms which is free and continuous in telling their subjects and expressing what's going in their minds. To plot a perfect poems of vertical and free style poetry that touches the inside of the recipient.