Effect of Electromagnetic Fields from High – Pressure Lines and Electrical Transformers on Some Blood Parameters and Components Biochemistry for Human Blood


The effects of the environment surrounding with the human that associated with the level of exchange (vulnerability and impact) to humans in the biological scale. And our theme associated with electric energy transmission lines in terms of what was done to these lines of voltages and thus to the export of electromagnetic waves and its wealth of biological effect on the structure of the human being, and the level of proximity to places of habitation . And we divide the study in to two axes in the first axis we talk on the general framework of the impact and in the second axis we talk about the statistical figures for these effects and discuss the mechanisms of these effects . From the results of the current study that there is impact of fields from the high pressure lines and electrical transformers on human blood (blood parameters , biochemical components), and the results of the statistical analysis showed that no significant effect on some blood parameters studied although there are some numerical changes (increase or decrease) , represented by the increase in the preparation of white blood cells as well as other parameters.