Phytocomponents Analysis and Biological Activity For The Ethanolic Extract of Punica granatum Rind


The present work was pointed the recognizable proof of the presence of phytocomponents in ethanolic concentrate of nearby Punica garanatumrind by utilizing gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy; an in vitro investigation of the impact of ethanolic unrefined concentrates of Punica granatumrind on cervical tumor human cell lines (Hela) after 24hour of exposure. The ethanolic concentrate was set up from dried skin of Punica granatum. Yield of concentrate was 12.3%.The ethanolic extract exhibit dose-dependent, cell specific inhibitory effects on human cervical cancer cell line (Hela), was exponentially inhibited with increasing concentration of each extract. Ethanolic extract was produced a clear significant inhibition on Hela cell line, with IC50 values equal to 143.5µg/dl.