quality of the Educational out comes and it s reflection to achieve The Competitive advantage


The research seeks to make sure that the quality of educational outcomes (Students Alumni) can lead to the educational statutes the competitive advantage among its other competitors. Which may be lead to success, survival and growth and continues .Represented resolution main tool for research and distributed to a random sample is composed of (31) people from teachers working in Al Emam Al sadic university in Baghdad (the research community), and the main findings of the study and the existence of a positive relationship between quality of educational outcomes and competitive advantage that the senior leadership in colleges civil pay attention to achieving excellence on competitors through the quality of graduates and the extent of their competence at all levels, while the most important recommendations is to encourage departments in all the colleges and institutes to adopt the latest programs and technologies that lead to increase the efficiency of the graduates and in line with the requirements of the domestic and global market as well as equip them with the skills General and specializes in business which will in their lives where the process that organizations spend a lot of their budget on the adoption of the latest global developments in the teaching programs to Make the best universities in the world to achieve excellence in the competition in the business market.