Modeling of medium-Sized magnitudes of earthquakes


In this work, it have earthquakes data been analytized as a result of ground water injection attendant to dig wells and oil, which affects the pressure pores in the rock and is according to cause a medium-sized earthquake that have already occurred more than 20 times. according to the publication of the Department of Attenba, the dangers of earthquakes and movement flooring in Guy-Greenbrie-United area of one of United States of America cities, where these data represent a monitor magnitudes of earthquakes from September 2008 the September 2011, we conducted statistical analysis and create a model for earthquakes flooring that was chosen for four distributions and results i the optima reveal the best distribution is the Burr X11 then General Extreme value, and lognormal distribution, and normal distribution. We applied the maximum likelihood method for estimating the parameters of these distribution.