Evaluation of the performance of Arabic language teachers in the elementary school according to the educational performance standards


This research aims to evaluate Arabic language teachers' performance in the elementary school according to the suggested standards of the quality of educational performance, and to recognize their performance.The research is limited on:1.Arabic language teachers at the elementary school who teach the last three grades .2.The academic year 2015-2016.3.Reading Book.The researchers follow the descriptive approach in their research, they choose (46) teachers as sample for this research . The researchers has visited the teachers at their schools and evaluated them according to the observation list which is prepared for this purpose. This list contains (30) items and each one has three choices (Always, sometimes, never). The credibility of the answers is verified and applied on the research sample. To minimize the self-assessment in the evaluation process and to make it objective , the data are processed statistically by using the appropriate statistical methods . The researchers recommend many recommendations ,like (consider the performance quality standards that are used in this research ). To finish their research , the researchers put suggestions for future studies, like ( conduct a similar study of the current research for the first three grades in elementary school).