The impact of organizational environment in to satisfaction of workres


The elasticity of organizational structure and the Leader ship democracy and the leader ship democracy and the impact of incentives, rewards and participating in decision making and the effectiveness of communication are considered a healthy environment in all modern organizations to achieve the satisfaction of employees and their organizations .This study deals with the impact of organizational environment into satisfaction of top management at Al- Hawijah Technical Institute for a sample of fifty lecturers which form (64% ) of research sample, the study produced a group of conclusions which ( the Vagueness of understanding organizational environment and job satisfaction to the most top management, and there are differences between job satisfaction and organizational environment and there is a strong role of scientific degree, promotions and the environment of work , training courses to achieve the top management satisfaction) also asset of recommendations that (activating courses, scientific meetings , creating a work team to study the problems that face top management especially in matters where decision working is important , reviving the agricultural fields and work shops by contracting to any one whishes to invest to support the new lecturers).