The role of accounting information technology in the rationalization of administrative decision


The accounting information is material of administrative decision. The success of the decision depend on the validity and accuracy of that material and the way of organization secured, stored and transported to the centers that need it. The process of decision-making is a continuous process that does not end once you take a particular decision. Decision taken sometimes followed by certain situations that required to take new decisions. There is clear relationship that represent by accounting provides necessary information in order to plan, make policies and contribution by decision making and control. Management become more efficient when accountants provide convenient and accurate and complete information that help to take decision based on these information. Significant changes have occurred at work environment of the accounting specialists with appearance of the information epoch. The tools that were used by workers at this field in the past are records, books, manual computers, and etc. But now it has been replaced by electronic computers, electronic means of communication, software and etc. As a result, it has become imperative for the accountant to have appropriate knowledge of accounting information technologyat a minimum the accountant use these technologies to develop accounting information technology to keep pace with variables of business environment and be more interactive with them.As well as the role they can play to provide more convenient and accurate information in the rationalization of administrative decisions by existence of the total benefits that can be provided by information technology