Effect of Extracts of Eruca sativa Mill. on the Growth Inhibition of Some Fungal Species


This study was carried out to show the effect of extracts (aqueous, alkaloid and glycosides) of Eruca sativa Mill. on the fungal growth, the results revealed the inhibitory effectiveness of the aqueous, alcoholic and glycosides extracts of E. sativa by four different concentrations (10%, 20%, 40% and 100% mg/ml) on the growth of three fungal species in three different genera (Aspergillus niger, Fusarium oxysporium and Pencellium sp.). The results showed that these concentrations of the aqueous extracts have an impact on inhibiting the growth of two fungal species (Pencellium sp. and F. oxysporium) variously, while the same concentrations of aqueous extracts did not affect on the growth of A. niger as well as it showed the ineffectiveness of various concentrations of alcoholic extracts in the inhibition of these fungi, whereas it was appeared the effectiveness of the same concentrations of glycoside extracts in the inhibition of two fungi F. oxysporium and Penceillium sp differently, whilst the same concentrations did not inhibit the growth of A. nigar